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My name is Mrs. Cummings and ‌I have the pleasure of being the Visual & Performing Arts Achievement Guide for 5th- 8th grade. As a proud GIVER from the House of ALTRUISMO (The Black House), I stand as the House Coordinator for GAVPAA STEP.


Along with my 20 years experience in the field of education, I am a professional Choir Director, Worship Leader and background singer. I also moonlight as an amateur writer / producer and stage choreographer. As a Simper Phi Award winner in Musicianship, I have knowledge and experience in reading music as well as playing several instruments (my personal favorites to play are the clarinet, violin, and trumpet). I love to relax by reading great books, spending time with family, discovering music, singing, and crafting. 


I grew up surrounded by all kinds of music, art and knowledge. While the men in my life encouraged me to read everything and seek knowledge at every turn; the women taught me that my creativity and passion for art was a secret power. And I love to share that power with everyone I can.


I truly believe that a child's first occupation is to be authentically themselves. And through visual and performing arts, anyone can find out who they are. My personal motto is, "Be the best version of yourself." I am so excited to work with the Achievers and guide them towards their best self.


This is gonna be a GREAT year!

Peace and Blessings,

K. Cummings


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