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Our CEO & Founder

"From Classroom Teacher to CEO: The Transformative Journey of a Visionary"

Introducing Superintendent Gilmore, a visionary in the realm of education and an embodiment of entrepreneurial spirit. She is the founder, CEO, and Superintendent of Garvey/Allen STEAM Academy, a FREE Charter School, and the creative force behind The D.O.P.E. Educator and Educated Threads. With her life's motto, “I Open Schools to Close Prisons,” she stands at the forefront of a revolution in STEAM education tailored for Black students, inspired by her roots in the vibrant communities of Compton and Carson, California, and shaped by the resilience instilled by her single mother and the entrepreneurial spirit passed down from her grandmother. She is a wife to Mr. Gilmore, our Co-Founder, and mom to three amazing young people.

Superintendent Gilmore’s formative years were spent navigating the halls of LAUSD schools, from Broadacres Elementary to Curtiss Magnet Jr. High, and finally, the prestigious King/Drew Medical Magnet High School of Medicine and Science in Watts, where the seeds of leadership, innovation, and stereotype-breaking were sown. Her academic odyssey continued at Cal State Dominguez Hills, where she earned a Bachelor's in English with a Minor in Communications, followed by a Master's in Secondary Education from Pepperdine University, a second Master's in Educational Administration from National University, and embarking on a doctoral journey at Grand Canyon University, with her dissertation as the remaining pinnacle to conquer. As a devoted mother of three and partner to her college sweetheart, she exemplifies the harmony between relentless professional drive and a rich family life.

With over 20 years of transformative leadership in education, Superintendent Gilmore has unapologetically tackled systemic inequities, from addressing disproportionate disciplinary actions against Black students, to enriching the curriculum with their cultural heritage. She distinguished herself through significant accomplishments, including pioneering inclusive curriculum initiatives, leading equity-focused programs, and significantly reducing suspension rates among Black students through her programs like Young Black Achievers. Her leadership was characterized by a relentless pursuit of justice, equity, and innovation, setting the stage for her courageous leap to retire from the district at just 34 years old, to embark on a groundbreaking journey to open Garvey/Allen STEAM Academy, where she dares everyone to “Be the Solution.” Superintendent Gilmore’s entrepreneurial endeavors, The D.O.P.E. Educator—standing for Delivering on Promises of Equity—and Educated Threads, are testaments to her commitment to continue the marathon of becoming the change she wants to see in our world.

By launching Garvey/Allen STEAM Academy, Superintendent Gilmore has not merely disrupted the educational status quo; she has ignited an Educational Renaissance. Within the walls of this trailblazing institution, she cultivates a vibrant oasis of equity, cultural empowerment, and scholastic excellence, mirroring the nurturing spirit and intellectual rigor of HBCUs. This bold initiative stands as a powerful antidote to the pervasive achievement and opportunity gaps afflicting the Black community, fostering an environment where young minds are not only educated but truly celebrated. Her bold and unapologetic departure from conventional administrative paths underscores a fierce commitment to dismantling educational barriers. Superintendent Gilmore's legacy is a mosaic of her rich heritage, the wisdom of her mentors, and her unwavering belief in transforming a generation of students into Achievers who are poised to inherit the Earth.