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Our CEO & Founder


M.Ed. & Doctoral Candidate


Our Founder is a mother, wife, daughter, educator and a current doctoral student. She has made it her mission to be a change agent, dedicated to improving the lives of youth . One day while teaching her eighth grade students, she had a vision. She asked herself, “What if students came to school because they felt safe to express and create?” “What if students were encouraged to produce music and movies, cook like “A Master Chef,” sing or write songs, dance, and have pride?” “What if students were given creative outlets but still be academically competitive to enter the global workforce?” From that point on, OurFounder has had a burning desire to bring this vision to fruition in founding GAVPAA STEM. She has been cultivating this dream school for students over the past five years. Building a reimagined, innovative, equity driven school community is her ultimate desire.