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Garvey/Allen School Site Council

About School Site Council:

At some schools, the SSC must develop and review the SPSA or School Plan for Student Achievement. Under Assembly Bill 716, single school districts and charter schools are allowed to utilize the LCAP to serve as the SPSA. Our LCAP or Local Control and Accountability Plan at Garvey/Allen also functions as our improvement plan or SPSA. The Garvey/Allen School Site Council (RSSC) is responsible for reviewing our LCAP, using verifiable state data and feedback from the community.


California has clearly defined guidelines regarding the purpose of a School Site Council and how it should function. In contrast, please review some things that an SSC is not:


The Garvey/Allen School Site Council is NOT

  • A policy-making body
  • A political organization
  • A personnel committee
  • A grievance committee
  • A school management committee
  • A fund-raising committee
  • An extension of the PTO/PTA or Parent Club
  • A social group 
Friday, May 31st- 10:30am to 11:30am 
Thursday, October 17th- Time & Location TBA
Thursday, March 20th- Time & Location TBA
Thursday, May 1st- Time & Location TBA
We Thank Our Parent School Site Council Members
  • Jaeda Richardson
  • Dee Peoples
  • Kirsten Sanguillen