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Being The Solution

Garvey/Allen Visual and Performing Arts Academy for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is offering pre-professional arts training and college preparatory academics for grades 5-8. ACHIEVERS choose a major in Dance, Theatre, Music, or Visual & Fine Arts. Academic departments include English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. ACHIEVERS then choose a pathway in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics to be prepared to compete in the global workforce.

GAVPAA STEM ACHIEVERS will experience STEM Pathways in our STEM House Program. ACHIEVERS will choose between Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as their chosen Pathway. ACHIEVERS will be housed in these pathways for the entire school year. Each House will have a group of instructors that will collaborate and choose the projects for their respective STEM HOUSE. These projects will tie into our belief that project based learning is a great approach to engage achievers and maximize their success. We will model this after The Ron Clark Academy House System. STEM HOUSES will focus on projects that help to solve a real problem in the local or global community, build the school community and foster pride.

For example, many local food pantries are not able to store all of the food it collects in an organized and succinct fashion. ACHIEVERS work in their Technology STEM HOUSE to create a storage system via a computer-based-design and then install it at a local pantry.

Projects like these will help achievers gain the necessary knowledge to think beyond the core academic classes and realize their potential to influence our community, whether locally or globally.

We eliminate the traditional “student schedule” by providing each achiever that enrolls in GAVPAA STEM a Personalized Learning Experience. We will assess each achiever to gain an understanding of their academic level, learning style, career and artistic interests. This valuable information along with SMARTER Balanced test scores and past academic success will help “The DREAM TEAM” (Administration) prepare a Personalized Learning Experience for each ACHIEVER. The team will then create a plan of college preparatory classes at the appropriate level. We will revisit and modify this plan as often as needed.

GAVPAA STEM believes that ACHIEVERS need to realize the world beyond themselves and their peers. Community Service and Service Learning projects will aid in our desire to cultivate the “whole achiever.” ACHIEVERS will be expected to complete a service learning project and perform community service every year. Through these projects, it is our hope that ACHIEVERS will be made aware of the problems and necessities outside of their personal worlds. This type of exposure will help ACHIEVERS become conscientious contributors of their local and global communities. Examples of community service activities and projects include:

  • Internships with artists and local businesses
  • Community Fairs (Hosting Blood Drives, Cultural Festivals)
  • Teaching visual and performing arts classes to the local neighborhoods