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Breakfast, Lunch, & Snack

Who is Gwen?
Gwen is our Founder & CEO's Grammy (grandmother). She was an amazing Entrepreneur, Cook, and Caterer. Mrs. Gwen could taste something and re-create that thing just by tasting it- no recipe. Gwen leaves behind a legacy of recipes, secrets, and skills passed on to our Founder & CEO. Mrs. Gilmore searched for the best to carry out her Grammy's legacy on her behalf and found our very own Mrs. Campbell.
Introducing Chef Campbell
Chef Campbell is a well studied chef. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from one of the best Culinary Institutions. She brings a wealth of knowledge and ensures our Achievers have healthy yet delicious options. Chef Campbell also teaches our Culinary Arts Lab After School. Chef Campbell has her own Catering business, and has catered for some notable dignitaries. Throwing Down in The Kitchen is what Chef Campbell is known for; from sweet to savory and everything in between.